prose poetry 'dreaming from the earth'

affirmation for self evolution

i am between times. my body drifts on the breeze of Fate. i am realising many Truths. my body is changing as they become a part of me. my skin is becoming supple, energy seeping back in to those missing parts of me that are found again Now.

i am on a Quest: to dis-cover my Self.

all of my Self. & i will get there. to the apex where i can view all that has gone before, is & all that will go after. most importantly, where i am Now. i am so close. one more thing to face: my self. to brace, & then i will be There/Here. & from There/Here i think i can hear another’s voice. a wo/man’s voice. there is someone waiting for me There/Here. waiting to help & share the visions we behold. this is one of the most sacred times of my life. the air is full with the scent of it; the sky filled with the hope of it; the ground covered with the beauty of it; my heart filled with the promise of it. my body & soul saturate with the power of it. this power bears me up & so still i climb. i persist. my fear writhes. my determination seizes it & it stills. i chose to get There/Here.

i look down & see i have come further than many selves i’ve been. i can feel this innerscape vibrating to my note, to the tone of my Self. it throbs with power & life & strength & purpose. i am tuned to this creation. the closer i get to There/Here, the more i Feel & See & Hear. Nature is my Teacher There/Here. Life. the Nature of my Self.

there is teeming life on the slopes. in the crevices. in the sky. life bursts from the depths. winged ones launch heavenward as they depart the earth to their next destination. it is sudden & mysterious. their focus is apparent in their wing-strokes; they are direct & tenacious. i pause & survey the other land risings flanking me, on the outside. i discern others from my life on different mountains at different points. we are acknowledging each other, shouting words of encouragement & faith that we’ll make it. & we will.

i will.

i know i am not alone. we know what it is like, for we are all doing it. we are just at different stages/ places. there is another element. i feel a presence, like a soul. close to me. guiding me. i feel beings moving about me, & the whispers of their voices sing me to keep going, with love; to brave this life, this world, these people, this challenge.

i am Here. i’ve arrived. i thought i was travelling. but i am Here. still. it will all be fine.


listen to 'dreaming from the earth' here

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