my theory of triplicity - 'dreaming from the earth'


the intent of my music is to be a bridge between energetic qualities; to encourage belief in one’s self, to trust, nurture hope, & to heal.

in my second album, i have been playing with frequencies of sound that translate into a multiplicity of melodies, harmony, rhythms & structure. i noticed early on in the development of ‘dreaming from the earth’ there was a theme of threes emerging in my work, three main chords, three main themes, rhythms that come in three. when you learn about rhythms you learn that rhythms in two are natural rhythms bourne from the body, native, visceral rhythms the body moves to, both in dancing & in natural every day movement. they are known as corporeal rhythms.
when one adds the third element, the third component to the rhythm, the movement moves from that back & forth motion to a gliding, a graceful flowing of form as in the waltz.

i have myself named this third thing/concept Triplicity, although it has been called many things & i doubt you will have had no experience with it. you will recognise it in the thinking & sharing around the world at this time. i certainly have.

Triplicity is the third option. the road less-travelled, or even the road not-yet-travelled. as we challenge the duality paradigm of life, ie, “it is either this way or that way”, we have an opportunity to be led in new & unconsidered ways in our life. we then create a third option, a third possibility (or more), a new way of being unlike anything we have known or let ourselves have.

this third element is born out of the harmony & balance created by the natural evolvement of wo(man)/Humanity. All of us… who have been, are & who will be… it stretches back into the mists of the past & into the, currently, clouded vision of the future of Humanity.
i write ‘clouded vision’ to = pollution & the challenges of global warming & all that we do & allow to happen to this planet, Our Earth, in this present day; what we make happen/let happen creates Our Future.

within Triplicity & human evolution there is an opportunity to become more of the real me/us. not just a socialised or programmed me/us. by questing, questioning, by experimenting with our life & our reality we invoke healing. a healing process that moves us from survival to thriving.
have you EVER considered what is BEYOND thriving. & what is BEYOND THAT? have you ever asked these questions of yourself & this world? how often DO you question?

have you ever considered if we solved all of the challenges of war, poverty, racism, homophobia, dis-ease, sexism, classism, hate, violence, the list goes on… what we would do then? do you ask what would be the point? ever consider what the challenges for Humanity would then be? these questions deal with negotiating the dualities & TRANSFORMING THEM to go ‘beyond’ them to enter a new way of being, approaching a new truth for Humanity as a whole. a new level. a new Frequency…

in this very potentiality & REALITY is HOPE! the third possibility is here today. NOW. it is emerging everywhere. through my work & countless others. not just through arts practice. in thought, vision, action, deed & invention; by all people. by YOU. this album, these words, these pieces, sounds, vibrations, intents i have woven are one conduit for access. we can discover it within ourselves. it is Here. all we need to do is entertain, to play with the concept that another option, perhaps a seemingly impossible one, IS POSSIBLE. we can find it. each in our own Divinely Perfect Way.

global warming & the current series of great threats to Gaia, animals, plants & also to Us as a whole cannot be solved in old duality-paradigm ways. patriarchy & its limitations must shift. what this change will come to mean, & be, in Triplicitous ways, will be discovered by seeking new solutions.

there is great hope to turn from the abyss that is destruction & to embrace healing. the art is listening to one Self. the courage to follow that hunch, to listen to that small little voice & to test it & grow it gently like the flexing of a muscle. to grow until we are strong enough to lift the veils of programming that are possibly in the way of allowing us to see more of the picture or more of the truth.

i find this truly exciting. for i believe there is the greatest hope still for the world! i hope these words will help & challenge you to find that magic & strength inside yourself to challenge YOU to LET YOURSELF BE WHO YOU WISH TO BE. if you already live from that core, these words are to bolster,
motivate & sustain you further in that paradigm. one person knows a hundred people they say, statistically. those hundred know a hundred more. you think you can’t help change the world? one idea that is taken & transmitted to your friends flows out exponentially. to a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, a million… & so on. don’t forget this…

i believe it is the same with Love. give it Here, Now, to one person & it will flow on, & on, gaining momentum, power, potency; growing as it expands out in to the greater community & on in to the global community.

i Believe We, All of Us, can Help, Heal & Change this world!
All of Us! & you. one person, one life. amongst many...


listen to 'dreaming from the earth' here

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